Do I need a credit card for every kid in my group?

Nope! We offer DIY adult accounts for educators and club leaders who want to manage groups of kids on DIY. (See How do I sign up a group on DIY?) Kid accounts linked to your adult account will be automatically verified without needing to acquire individual credit card verification for each child's account. 
In this context, your institution acts as the parent’s agent and can consent to the collection of students’ information on their parent's behalf. The obligation to notify the parent and collect their permission falls on your institution—we recommend using printed waivers, which we have made available on our Classroom guides page. For more information on COPPA compliance in educational institutions, please check out this page on
DIY Co. will not sell or disclose any personal information provided during account registration, nor use the information for commercial purposes. For all details about our safety policies, please see our Privacy Policy page.
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