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Why hasn't my kid received credit for their project?



  • Lea Jusi

    Will the parent also be notified via email or through the adult/parent dashboard if and when his child has received skill credit or has earned a badge? I'm trying to find it in my dashboard to see if my son has earned a badge.

  • Permanently deleted user

    We will notify you once they earn a skill. We also display virtual patches on their portfolio - it will be gray while they are in the process of earning the skill and filled in with color once the skill is earned!

  • Ashydew Melon

    My daughter & son both submitted projects for a challenge yesterday at the same time. My daughter's was approved within an hour or so but my son's still has not been. We got an e-mail for each of them that they had been successfully submitted but haven't received anything further on my son's. This is our first time using DIY so I really have no idea what I'm doing. Is there any way to find out why my son's hasn't been approved?

  • Mind Drip

    hi both my sons have submitted projects and we have heard nothing

  • Halimah Johnson123

    still have not gotten my badges for 9 of my activites can you guys check my accountat love1204285


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