How do I post a project?

If you want to share something you’ve made without linking it to a DIY challenge, you can post it directly to your profile. (Don’t worry—if you decide you want to submit it for a challenge later, you can do that!) Remember: you should only upload things you’ve made yourself to your profile. DIY is a place to share stuff you’ve done, not stuff you’ve found online!
On the web:
Hover your cursor over your avatar in the top left of the website. Select New Post” from the dropdown, then use the Add Post page to share your new project.
On the app:
You can post a new project from nearly any screen in the app. Tap the video camera icon in the top right to get to the Post a Project page. From there, you can upload files from your device’s saved Photos or use the DIY app to take a photo or record a video.
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