How do I verify my kid's account?

The easiest way to verify your kid’s account is during the sign-up process. (Haven’t started yet? Get started here!
If your kid signed up on their own or you initially skipped the verification process, you should have received an email titled Your kid needs permission.” Check that email for a special link that will let you verify your your kid's account and create an adult account. (See Why do you need my credit card to verify my kid's account?)
If you cannot or do not wish to use a credit card to verify, we can also verify your kid’s DIY account over the phone. To do this, give us a call toll-free at 1-844-JOIN DIY (844-564-6349).
Every DIY kid account gets a 14-day grace period. If your kid’s account is not verified during that time, it will be permanently deleted from our database. To protect your kid’s safety, it’s required by law that we delete their information if a parent doesn’t give permission in that time frame, so unfortunately, we are unable to recover information for an account once the account has been deleted.
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